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Musical Monday!

Okay, I hand an e-mail in my inbox about Script Frenzy and it got me thinking about the web comic I wanted to try. It's been a rough year and a half for me, and the computer eating the CR: Mother Script didn't help so I abandoned the idea. But I might just try it again, this time by re-writing Origins as a script for my Script Frenzy project this year. (And this way I get a few months drawing practice in before I get started too XD)

And so, this week's Musical Monday is going to be my playlist for the re-write of Code Ragnarok: Origins redux Or part of it at least.

Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch

Back into Hell - Meatloaf

With Arms wide open - Creed (Pandeia and Heligi's theme)

Piano Concerto No. 2 Allegro, Opus 102 (The Steadfast Tin Soldier)

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[Meme] Usernames I'm proud of.

From Plurk because only one person actually speaks to me on Live journal any more T_T

Sonic The Comic
Amy Rose - arrows4thorns
She's an archer in STC

Tails - notapixelbrain
Sonic called him a Pixel brain a lot in the early issues.

Porker Lewis - notnotoscar
Double negative, his real name IS Oscar the Pig.
Only Knux and the Chaotix know though XP

Tekno the Canary - earringbombs
I think this tells you all you need to know.

Dark Leonardo - darkhonour
Yes I know my british is showing. Shut up.

Original Character/Nanowrimo/Script Frenzy/Code Ragnarok
Nott Lovell - nottalittlewolf
Lovell means "little wolf" *Dodges tomatoes*
Last night I woke up to the terrifying sound of one of my plugs arcing. Cue me turning off every wall socket in my room and unplugging everything. (Everything = Snake heat-mats, TV, Computer, Phone charger) Checking to see if I could hear the same thing in any of the other rooms, which I thankfully couldn't.

And then spent the next three hours staying awake to make sure nothing spontaneously combusted despite being unplugged. (I've been having nightmares of my house burning down for as long as I remember, this, doesn't help.)

The next morning, I woke up with half a brain and explained what happened to Mom. And together we tried to figure out which plug was arcing. I thought I found which one it was, when I had a thought and opened the vivarium.

It wasn't the plug that was arcing, it was the Mat itself! Then smoke starting to come from it before we had chance to turn the power off again.

Imagine if I hadn't woken up, something tells me those nightmares a going to get worse after that close call.


And this...isn't really it ^^;; But it's not me sulking so there's progress at least!

Years ago I wrote a story about a little girl called Emeth who was a Golem made by a witch. The feel I wanted was like Ico and Haunting Grounds mixed together with a dash of sleeping Beauty. It ended up not being very scary but I still liked it. And it even ended up a little like Pinocchio* Emeth doesn't become a real girl, but she does gain her own soul.

Sadly I lost the story, but I did start re-writing it!

And now I'm swamped with Sequel Bunnies. lol

Three guess what I'm writing for Nano this year XP

* How in the world did I Spell that right first time O_O

368 tears

Maybe I'm In The Black, Maybe I'm On My Knees
Maybe I'm In The Gap Between The Two Trapezes
But My Heart Is Beating And My Pulses Start
Cathedrals In My Heart

And We Saw Oh This Light I Swear You, Emerge Blinking Into
To Tell Me It's Alright

Happy Fathers Day.

Dr Who

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